Da Vynalist Born Silvesta Homi Khoza is a South African DJ and Multi-Genre Music Producer. He began his career by Deejaying at home gatherings and local events and in his hometown Burgersfort, Mpumalanga. Later he acquired a computer and started to experiment with Electronic Music Production software. He began his music production career from a tender age in 2009 whilst still in primary school and has been since improving, learning, mastering, acquiring new skills and re-inventing his craft. Da Vynalist produces various music genres, primarily House Music, EDM, Afro-beat, RnB and Hip Hop/Trap. In his self-made career he has worked with quite a number of reputable and talented artists within the South African industry which include Brazo Wa Afrika, Chymamusique, OPZ, Ultimo Numero, King Mshivo, DJ Fresh, Czar, Lyrical Ray, ExeOdus, Blezz, DJ Enosoul, Teejay, Dafro, Stagz Jazz, DJ Christos, Tim White to name a few. His DJ sets always blaze up the dance floors, he has toured to various venues across the country and till this day he keeps on touring worldwide and working on new music, exploring new genres and pop culture.

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